Zadar / Šibenik Region

One of the oldest Croatian cities, Šibenik, is a historic Mediterranean town famous for its densely indented archipelago. Šibenik’s archipelago consists of precisely 249 islands, islets, and reefs and is considered sheer heaven for nautical tourists.

Yacht charter in Šibenik offers a variety of opportunities for sailing. Skippered yacht charter is a very popular choice among tourists who want to visit Kornati National Park, the densest archipelago in the Mediterranean. Of course, if you feel up to the challenge, book a bareboat.

Šibenik in a nutshell

  • Fly to: Zadar Airport (ZAD) or Split Airport (SPU)
  • Features: untouched islands; secluded anchorages; crystal clear waters and outstanding snorkelling spots
  • Islands to visit: Kornati, Žirje, Murter, Zlarin
  • National parks: Kornati National Park
  • Other natural reserves: Telašćica Nature Park

Sailing route

Šibenik → Skradin → Kornat → Dugi Otok → Murter → Žirje → Primošten → Šibenik

Zadar / Šibenik RegionDay 1: Šibenik → Skradin
Going from Šibenik to Skradin includes a trip down the Krka river canyon. That is why this particular route is extremely interesting and exciting, so take your time and enjoy the scenery around you. Our final destination for the day, Skradin, is a small town situated near the entrance to the Krka National Park – a place well worth visiting.

Day 2: Skradin → Kornat
Day two of our sailing trip begins with a 30 nautical miles long trip to the biggest island in the Kornati archipelago – Kornat – where we moor in Opat bay. Opat marks the entrance to the Kornati National Park and has one of the best places to enjoy authentic seafood cuisine in this part of the Adriatic.

Day 3: Kornat → Dugi Otok
We continue our trip through the heart of the Kornati National Park and head towards Telašćica bay (the Island of Dugi Otok) located 10 nautical miles away. This part of the sailing trip allows excellent views of the cliffs, characteristic of the whole Kornati archipelago.

Day 4: Dugi Otok → Murter
The fourth day of the sailing trip takes us to Murter – a popular tourist destination bustling with life and activity. Visit one of the numerous restaurants and bars, or just mingle with the locals in this traditional Dalmatian village.

Day 5: Murter → Žirje
On day five of our trip we head to Žirje – the farthest island of the Šibenik archipelago. It features a number of excellent and convenient mooring spots, many of which are quite solitary as the island is not part of traditional tourist sailing routes.

Day 6: Žirje → Primošten
From Žirje we continue to Primošten, which is just 20 nautical miles away. It is possibly one of the most famous tourist destination in Croatia, and offers great party possibilities and excellent restaurants.

Day 7: Primošten → Šibenik
Before heading back to Šibenik, we visit the Island of Zlarin (16 nautical miles). The island is famous for its red corals and coral artefacts, and even features a coral museum. Later in the day we return to Šibenik (4 nautical miles) through the Channel of Saint Anthony (Sv. Ante).