Posted on January 23, 2019

Having children with you on a sailing holiday is a wonderful thing, but even though it is a great opportunity for bonding, learning and lots of fun, certain precautions have to be made.
Before going on a sailing holiday with your children, prepare them by explaining where you are going and what they can expect. It would also be wise to establish some safety rules for when they are on board, and keep enforcing them once you board the sailing boat.

Bring along extra clothes for the children as accidents do happen and there may not be a chance to wash them immediately. Hats and caps are also recommended as they protect the children from direct sunlight. Small cuts and scratches are not rare, so while boats come with a first aid kit, bring appropriate band-aids and ointments. Do not forget about medical supplies – for sore throats, seasickness or even fever – especially is your children take proscribed medications. In order to prevent sunburns, bring along plenty of high SPF sunscreens.

Children safety at sea should be number one priority.
That is why one of the most important things to bring along with you and install is a safety net. A safety net is a strong net (usually made of nylon) that is placed onto the boat’s railing so that it prevents children, toys, equipment, or animals from falling overboard. Attaching the net to the railing is quite simple and fast, and you can even ask your skipper to do it for you.

Remember, the sailing holiday you are taking should become one of child’s best-cherished memories, so even though you are taking every precaution necessary for a safe trip, let them have fun and do childish things we all did as children.